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Why All Artists Need An Email List


In my little corner of the world the crepe myrtles are almost done blooming and the sun is rising a bit later each morning. That means that the holiday show season is coming up fast. If you didn't already go over your last year of holiday sales and events to make goals for this year, pick a sunny day and get that list going!

One thing I always think that should be on the list for artists is creating an email list of customers and those interested in your work. This is one of the oldies but goodies of marketing; email isn't exactly sexy but it does work. A semi-regular and simple letter to customers and interested potential customers talking about your upcoming shows can boost sales for you, very inexpensively. The problem for some artists and crafters is making their list. Buying a list is expensive and (in my opinion) a waste of money if you sell handmade, one-of-a-kind or art items. You need to create a list of people who are interested in YOU. 

Some artists start their list as soon as they start their sales career, but some never think they'll need it. Pffft! We all need a mailing list! If you didn't start this list with your very first show, don't despair! You can start a list at the very next market, and I have a great way to build that list, fast.

Hold a giveaway at your next market.

Yeah, it's that simple. Iā€™m not going to make you subscribe to my multi-level coaching platform (I don't have one) or give me a zillion dollars for my intensive business-builder retreat (I don't have one.) I am just going to tell it to you, simply.

Hold a giveaway at your next market.

That seems kind of easy, right? It is! Here's how you do it:

  1. Pick an item to give away-make it a signature item, something not too expensive but also a popular item

  2. Photograph that item, beautifully, 5-7 times

  3. Post that item on all your current social media using a caption similar to the one below, edit for your item, and keep posting it, rotating the images. Make it a common theme of your posts that folks can come to the market and register to win one of the items. Make them want it!

    1. Don't you love (item)? We do! We want to give it to you! Join us at (our next market) and you can register to win your very own! No purchase necessary, just drop by our booth and put your name in the jar! Our next market is (market details) and we want you to come win one of these!

    2. We want to give you a (item) at our next market! Join us on (market details) and register to win your very own (item) free! We'll give one away after (market detail) and you could be the winner.

On the day of the market, put the item in a prominent place in your booth with a nice sign (Register to win! or just Win This!) and make sure to have some entry slips ready to go. A simple piece of paper with blanks for their name and email address will do it. Make sure you request their email address, so you now have a great way to contact them. Draw the name at a set time (I like the end of the show) and then contact the winner. Arrange pick up or plan to mail your prize out to the winner.

The week AFTER the show, send out a nice note to everyone who gave you their email address. Let them know that, sadly, they did not win but do update them about when you will have your next show. Thank them for stopping by your booth or space and include some pictures or links to your website (if you have one.) It's also good to include social media links if you have those accounts (and, of course you do!)

Remember, customers or potential customers who see your work at a show may not buy the very first time. Letting them know when you'll be at another show in their area can help them to see you and make that purchase.

Do you have an upcoming market? What are you waiting for? Pick out that product and get to work building your email list!

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