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Retail Business Consulting For Independent Retailers Based In Raleigh, NC. Cynthia Deis Will Help You Start A Retail Business or Reinvigorate Your Legacy Business With Focused Ideas and Implementation Tips


Expand your knowledge and skills to improve your business with one-on-one consulting, a course or a workshop with Cynthia Deis. On-line courses for independent retailers, restaurants and breweries who want to wake up their space and freshen up their business. Store and Space Activation

Is your store not as busy as you’d like? You know you need more customers in your store. How can you engage them and bring them to your space?

Create events and activities that give customers a memorable experience. Give them fun. Cynthia loves working with retailers, restaurants, breweries and other small businesses to create memorable events and experiences that encourage customers to come to your location. Whether via in-person consultation or through an on-line course, she can help you activate your space.

Take a course! Learn a few new things to energize and excite your business, or schedule a course for your arts organization or local merchant group. Each course description is followed by links to current dates or registration pages if the dates are open to the public. If you don’t see current date links for a course you are interested in, or if you wish to schedule a course for your private organization or group, please use the tiny envelope at the top of this page to get in touch with Cynthia.

On line courses - learn anywhere

join in from your office, home or studio

join in from your office, home or studio

Creative Events 4-week Course

Live video Group course

Learn how to create events that will engage and excite your customers in a 4-week group course. You’ll receive an event-creation matrix designed to help you lay out all aspects of an event visually, aiding planning and implementation. From event design to staffing to promotion, this course covers all the details. If you are new to holding events in your retail space, gallery, showroom or studio, this course is ideal for you. If try to hold events but find that they never live up to your dreams, this course is ideal for you. This course is for any artist or business with physical location(s) where customers, clients, friends and community members can assemble. Find out more about this course at

In person workshops

Marketing For Busy Artists

Large group workshop (20+ participants)

do you struggle to get the word out about your artwork?

do you struggle to get the word out about your artwork?

Marketing your own artwork may be your biggest challenge, but it does not have to be. Create a plan based on free and inexpensive methods of communication with clients, galleries and friends that focuses on your work and you’ll be able to get back to the studio. With a simple image-filled newsletter and automated social media posts, your work will be seen, while you keep working.

This 3-hour course covers the basics of creating an email newsletter for artists and very small arts non-profits. You’ll learn to use free online tools to customize a newsletter template that will help you to create regular communication with your clients, customers and fans. You’ll see how to link this communication with your current website and social media accounts and get the word out about your work or your organization’s work.


Zero to Newsletter in Just One Day

Group Workshop (6-12 participants)

does your small business have a newsletter?

does your small business have a newsletter?

Email marketing is inexpensive and one of the best ways to engage with a client or customer base. Emails can direct customers to event registration, show off new work and sell tickets. Email newsletters work to share information and keep clients engaged every day. Why don’t you have a newsletter? Put all your worries away and take this four-hour course to begin sending regular emails to your customer base. This course is for you if you are an small-business owner, artist, organization, independent retailer or gallery. You’ll learn about newsletter templates that will help you to create regular communication with your customers. Whether you want to improve event attendance, increase sales, communicate a show or exhibit schedule or other information, a professional email newsletter is not as intimidating as you may have thought. Each participant will need to come to the class with a wifi-enabled laptop and be ready to create their first newsletter during the workshop. We’ll discuss various free email platforms, how often to send a newsletter and how to convert your newsletter to a blog post or site update. Don’t have a mailing list? Don’t worry, we’ll talk about that as well.

Adding Teaching To Your Resumé - a workshop for artists and crafters

Large Group workshop (20+ participants)

Are you an artist who wants to start teaching your techniques? Are you a craftsperson who is ready to share your skills? Teaching your work, whether one-on-one or in groups, can be a wonderful way to expand your own skills, increase your name recognition and even make money doing what you love. This 4-hour course explores basic teaching techniques and learning styles and is specifically geared towards artists, crafters and creatives who want to teach their skill. We’ll discuss whether teaching is right for you, how to write an engaging course description, how to decide which techniques to teach, and even how to deal with ‘copycat’ students in your classes. Resources and teaching venues may be discussed, and we’ll even talk about how to price your classes. Making art or a craft is very different from teaching that same art or craft, but it can be rewarding. Find out if it’s the right choice for your art career.

is teaching your art or craft skill right for you?

is teaching your art or craft skill right for you?