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Raleigh NC 27605
United States

Retail Business Consulting For Independent Retailers Based In Raleigh, NC. Cynthia Deis Will Help You Start A Retail Business or Reinvigorate Your Legacy Business With Focused Ideas and Implementation Tips


Practical, real-world advice and assistance for your creative business. Independent retail coaching and support for making your store thrive as a local destination. 

grab a pencil

Good ideas are worth writing down.

Energize and invigorate your creative small business with real-world ideas that work. Ideas you’ll want to write down.

Cynthia Deis can help you to focus your creative products and services to foster repeat business and continued connections with your market, and make sure you stay true to your original dream.

Creatives and artists often dream of selling their work at shows, or making their own retail space but don't have the skills and know-how to make that dream a physical reality. Art school, business classes and SBA seminars are great, but they are no substitute for having a sounding board and advisor who can help you sort through your real to-do list to focus on the actions to take today

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