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Retail Business Consulting For Independent Retailers Based In Raleigh, NC. Cynthia Deis Will Help You Start A Retail Business or Reinvigorate Your Legacy Business With Focused Ideas and Implementation Tips


Consulting for Artists and Crafters

Business consulting for artists and crafters. Grow your creative business with support and advice tailored to your work, your goals and your abilities.

What do you need-

Are you an early-career artist interested in selling your art or craft work to stores, at shows or on-line?

Are you a mid-career craftsperson wondering if you can sell your work wholesale?

Are you an experienced artist needing to promote your work to a wider audience?

Do you wonder if you have what it takes to organize a business AND be creative?

Do you want help organizing your business and hiring your first employees?

A private consultation with Cynthia Deis may help you to answer these questions. She’ll help you put to rest the myth of the Starving Artist, learn how to fairly price what you make and help you find a target market for the work you produce.

Cynthia works with artists in two ways:

One-time Consultation Appointments (2-3 hours)

Year-long Goal Achievement Programs (12 months, with various meeting times)


What happens-

What happens at a Consultation:

The conversation will grow out of your specific questions. Generally, your current work will be examined, your current methods of sales and marketing will be looked at, and there will be a discussion of goals. To inspire deeper conversation, you may be asked to provide images of your work prior to the initial meeting with Cynthia.

Initial conversations generally last 2-3 hours. Expect real homework and a head full of ideas when you leave the consultation.

What happens in a Goal Achievement Program:

A longer, deeper conversation and a focus on helping you to achieve your goal in the next 12 months of your business, this is designed for the artist with a strong sense of their own work and a serious desire to create a business from their creativity. Cynthia will help you to draw out your business goals, evaluate them, and confront your fears and obstacles to your goals. You’ll have Cynthia’s support to create road maps to your goal with clear and achievable stages. Your own strengths and weaknesses as an artist and business owner will be supported and improved by consistent check-ins and focused conversation.

Because this is a long commitment, a Consultation is required to determine if this program is a good fit.

How can I book a Consultation or start on a Goal Achievement Program?

Use the tiny envelope up at the top of this page. You'll be sent a questionnaire and we'll schedule a time to work.

I'm not in your area, how will we work together?

Do you love technology? Yay!  Connect with us at the top of the page and we can set up a video conference, Skype call or other on-line connections. Don’t forget to check out the Courses tab for a list of all the current courses and workshops if you like group learning.

Do you hate technology? Yay! In-person consultations can be arranged with travel fees incorporated in your consultation. Get a group of artists or crafters in your area together and share the travel fees. Cynthia is an engaging and interesting speaker and loves to talk to groups of any size.

It looks from the photos and text that you mostly work with crafters/artists. I do something else, maybe you can't help me.

We have worked with painters, jewelry designers, photographers, furniture makers, soap makers, food producers and seamstresses. If you make an art or craft you want to sell, we are interested in learning more about what you do, and telling you about how we can help you make your business better.

How much does it cost?

Cynthia’s fees should be considered an investment in your small business and can be written off as professional services.

Consultations start at $300, Goal Achievement is $300 for the first meeting and then $200 per month for 12 months.